Susy Radio Meets our Chairman

Our Chairman of over 10 years – Craig Stevenson – airs on Susy Radio 5 July 2018

SUSY RADIO’s David Jay and Tom Bowling – chat about Cricket and Tadworth Cricket Club & The Surrey Downs League with Craig Stevenson – Chairman & Player of Tadworth Cricket Club.

SUSY Radio do a regular two Hour Show Called “On the Front Foot” OTFF – and Craig was invited for his first ever Radio appearance.

The pod cast is available on this shortened link :

It is a 91MB file so we haven’t yet added to our website directly hence the above link.

Time Line when you can hear Craig:

28 Minutes is the first Mention of Craig
29 Minutes – Craig – makes history for Tadworth CC – by speaking on Susy Radio for the First Time. We think it is a first*

61 minutes – finish.

Before and after they chat with Paul’s Home Club – Horley Cricket Club’s Trevor Stevens ( who has been a playing member for ever 🙂


Community Radio for Redhill, Reigate, Horley, Gatwick, Crawley and the surrounding villages. Established in 1996.

Established in 1903 at the same time as Car makers Ford & Vauxhall and a nearby Golf Course Walton Heath.

*(although there was a second XI match at North Holmwood CC some years ago – where Jack Ball and Paul Griffiths made an appearance whist the match was in play on Surrey Radio we think)

Paul Griffiths

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