200 Club




Our 200 Club – is a great way to support your club and with average luck you should win some cash as well. Half the money is allocated for prizes and the remainder is for Tadworth Cricket Club to spend on what The Committee deems appropriate.

Prizes will be on a pro rata basis of the actual Participants in each draw. So the more that join the larger the Prizes).

It’s not too late to join and support. You can join and enter the monthly draws any time

Inaugural – First Draw winners: were John Bellringer and Mark Goldstein each receiving cash of £20 and £10 respectively.

It is not too late to join, each number is £24 ( £2 a month) and you can have as many as you wish.

Here is your opportunity to Help and Support Tadworth Cricket Club.

Join or renew your membership of our 200 Club and give yourself a chance of wining cash prizes.

50% of what we receive will go to the Prize fund and the remaining 50% to support Tadworth CC

200 Club Q&A (339 downloads)
200 Club Rules (326 downloads)
200 Club - Membership Form (333 downloads)

For an annual payment of £24 for each number, you will be entered into a monthly draw.

(You can purchase as many numbers as you wish)

Each monthly draw will have the following approximate prizes (based on 100 numbers sold).

There are two simple ways to join our 200 Club:

Complete the Membership Application Form and send it to me enclosing your cheque made payable to Tadworth Cricket Club.


Complete the Membership Application Form (DOC – PDF) and send it to our promotor – Gary Sewell and send the completed Standing Order form to your bank.

Many thanks for your support, and good luck.

Gary Sewell
Lottery Promoter
Tadworth Cricket Club